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Enhance Your Home Decor With Wall Tapestries

When decorating your home and adding accessories consider the idea of including a wall tapestry as part of your room décor. Wall tapestries date back to ancient times and have been and are used in castles, churches, historic buildings and homes.

Unlike historical times when the color choices were limited due to inadequate dye methods and the major fabric being wool, today vast improvements have been made both in the dying methods and with the addition of cotton, acrylic, chenille and silk materials. Now is not difficult to find many of the world’s most famous paintings reproduced into a beautifully crafted tapestry. There are literally thousands of colors used in tapestries today which make them highly suitable for home décor. In addition to being considered a craft, tapestries of all sizes small, medium and large are also considered a sought after art and were in fact considered the art choice of kings.

Regardless of your preference in décor styles; tapestries are available for modern, traditional, country and other décor approaches in the forms of various artwork; such as medieval, flora’s, fruits and landscapes. In addition to their great beauty, wall tapestries create an interesting focal point to any room no matter what space you have for the wall you want to decorate.

A tapestry with a floral or fruit motif is a popular choice among designers for using in formal dining rooms or living rooms in lieu of a traditional print or painting. Many home decorators and designers today are using the softer chenille tapestries for wall décor in the bedroom. Flower tapestries, landscapes or a medieval wall tapestry help pull the bedroom theme together while giving it a softer more relaxed feel. Others prefer to display a beautiful tapestry as a bed hanging for a more elegant décor.

Foyers and entryways are a great place for a tapestry whether you choose to use it as a wall hanging or drape it over a settee, which was done regularly in earlier times and predominantly symbolized social status and wealth.

Wall tapestries are available in a wide variety of sizes, color choices and price ranges making it easy to incorporate into your designing and decorating plan. When shopping for a tapestry think about and bear in mind before hand if you will be purchasing it as an investment or simply for enjoyment Prices for tapestries range around a hundred dollars for a synthetic reproduction to well over several thousand dollars for European ones crafted entirely of wool. Whether you are redecorating a room or building a new home, a wool or synthetic wall tapestry will certainly add interest to your interior decorations no matter how you choose to display it.

Landscaping – What Services Do Professional Landscapers Offer?

Not everyone living in the Tri-State area has the time or the talent to reorganize or clean up their backyard. Landscaping is not as easy as it looks in the magazines. Those picture-perfect gardens that are often featured were, most likely, designed by professional architects and landscapers.

Hiring a Delaware landscaping service to give your backyard a face-lift would be a smart decision. Professionals typically know their trade. They can also give you magnificent design ideas for your outdoor projects. They will keep you informed about every phase of the project, and will also:

• Advise you about the aesthetics of your property, and what kind of garden will vastly improve its appearance.
• Give you a selection of many suitable plants to choose from. Depending on your garden location and soil composition, not all shrubs, trees, plants and flowers may thrive well.
• Design patios and walkways that will fit nicely into your Delaware landscaping.
• Build decorative walls and water features.
• Construct the perfect masonry.
• Keep your budget in mind while designing your new landscaping.

Once the project was successfully completed, you can also count on your Delaware landscaping supplier for regular maintenance. A crew will come every spring and fall for a seasonal cleanup. Your floral display will be changed and all your trees, shrubs and perennials will be fertilized. Bed revitalization programs will be applied, using top quality mulching. Your dream garden will always look at its best, and who knows… maybe someday it will also be featured on the front cover of a gardening magazine.