Deck Lighting Can Add Enjoyment and Safety

Landscape lighting for your deck is essential for safety and enjoyment of the space that you have created on your site. Decks are designed to be places for cookouts, parties and entertainment but without good lighting it can be a dangerous and/or an uninviting place to be at night.

Many times decks have elevation changes that involve stairs, seating, planter boxes and railing, among other features so choosing lighting for these areas are crucial. Solar lighting is a great idea because it is simple to install, very inexpensive to operate and from a design stand point they offer enough light to illuminate the features on the deck without over lighting it. Plus, solar lights eliminate the use of cumbersome wiring.

Deck lighting can come in various forms and shapes. There is recessed lighting that fits flush into the deck itself and can actually be stepped without damage to the light. Another option for deck lighting can be to have lamps on the deck. They can be quite decorative and come in many beautiful shapes in sizes. Solar deck lamps can be incorporated into the design of the deck from the beginning to add architectural elements while providing light.

Also, solar light post caps are available and also serve to provide some added detail to the deck design while illuminating the posts. (Keep in mind that solar lights do not produce as much light as traditional lighting but with proper planning you can achieve great results.) There are also recessed step lights that fit flush into the riser decking and help to illuminate the steps and provide increased safety for the user as well as wall fixtures like sconces that add architectural flavor to your deck.

A new option for deck lighting is the landscape lighting globe. They come in various sizes and can either be hard wired to deck lamp posts or powered off of an internal battery. The manufacturer also offers battery operated globes which can be used on table tops, hung from overhead structures or even placed on seating around the perimeter of the deck. The globes also add to the party atmosphere that usually accompanies deck activities which makes them a great choice.

Whatever application you choose to go with, deck lighting will enhance the experiences that you have envisioned for your family and friends.